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Today a glance over the past years is filled with a magical mixture of satisfaction for yesterday & expectations for tomorrow

Parivartan, since decade and a half working for social transformation wherein the marginalized & deprived sections of community are socially, economically and politically empowered to lead life of security, dignity, and prosperity. Prolonged handholding support to the target community through awareness and capacity building has resulted into strengthened people organizations in terms of information, knowledge and leadership. People movements' enormous diligence in the process initiated by Parivartan is inevitable factor in the present accomplishments of Parivartan.

Livelihood of the deprived sections is one of the serious issues being handled by Parivartan. In Konkan we can see many facets of the single issue. Availability & ownership of the resources is biggest challenge while working on the livelihood enhancement. Parivartan, with people & people organizations, is looking for the alternatives to rise from the situation. Conserving good traditions, breaking harmful customs, application of science and technology are some of the ways leading to socio-political development of the villages in Konkan.

Strengthening political and women citizen leadership is another domain with model impact for Parivartan. This activity is like a diamond cutting; making the women aware about their own strengths and qualities is the first step. Once this stage is achieved, the actual field intervention of women starts with the handholding support by Parivartan. Here, challenging the existing political interest groups & their set ups is not an easy intervention; but we are proud to say that our women development committees and block level Mahila Sangh are effectively handling the socio-political aspects of the villages while leading themselves towards achieving of their dreams.

Parivartan have set up a mark in mobilization of various kinds of people organizations, establishment of fisherwomen co-operative, formation of Lok Shiksha Kendra & KRUIKs, block level Sangh of women in political leadership, Dakshata Samities of fishermen and LIEA (Lote Industrial Expansion Area), women development committees at village and regional level, disaster risk reduction groups & off-course women SHGs are various models developed and successfully facilitated by Parivartan. These models are moving ahead encompassing all sections of society and working on the principle of Need based Struggle leading to social, political and economic empowerment!

Parivartan believes in bottom up and participatory planning. Based on this belief, Parivartan has developed a model methodology to prepare a village development plan considering village as a unit of development. These plans are prepared by bringing together all sections in the village. In the planning process, needs along with their priorities as well as resources available in and out of the village are identified. These village development plans are then forwarded to the line departments with villagers' remarks on loan distribution, schemes & subsidies. Quite an exemplary effort & needs to be scaled up to the region - state & national level!

Parivartan is also partnering with a premier multidisciplinary R&D organization, Bhabha Atomic Research Center and Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission and has set up Advance Knowledge and RUral Technology Implementation (AKRUTI) Centre for techno economic growth of rural areas, to enable and empower villages with Eco-sustainable Science & Technology based work plan for techno-economic growth. AKRUTI Centre of Parivartan is being recognized as a pilot development model for Konkan.

Decades of activities by Parivartan in fields as diverse as governance, livelihood enhancement, environment protection and women empowerment has built a confidence among village fraternity. Hence, Parivartan feels the need to institute Human Resource Centre, emerged from our analysis of the environment and its changing context, especially with liberalization, privatization and globalization. The need is also being felt to build capacities of civil society to effectively relate with the changing realities. In near future, Human Resource Development Centre would definitely become the pioneer training institute for the grassroots as well as community leaders.


Ashok Kadam
Managing Director, Parivartan