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Women Leadership -Exploring New Horizons

Pranita Jangam, former Sarpanch of Dahagaon village from Ratnagiri district, represented EWRs in India at 30th anniversary celebrations of The Hunger Project at New York. She was one among the chosen 4 speakers from all over the world. She represented nearly 65,000 EWRs in India to whom THP extends facilitation support. Her inspiring experiences explored the women leadership in India...

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Dakshata Samities - A Countervailing Power to Corruption

Parivartan introduced vigilance committees of citizens called 'Dakshata Samitis' (DS). DS effectively operates as structure of 'countervailing power' to balance the 'official power' in governance that is often prone to corruption. It exemplifies mechanism for establishing the delicate balance & partnership between civil society & state.


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Hearing People's Voice - Multi Stakeholders Dialogue

With an objective to raise a collective action of government, industrialists & experts for generating the solutions over the loss of natural resources and livelihoods due to industrialization and pollution, a 'Jansunavani' was organized at Asgani village of Ratnagiri district. This 'Janasunavani' was the first of its kind event that brought all the stakeholders on the same platform.

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Fight for Justice - Women Federation Enforced Re-execution of "National Health Insurance Scheme" (NHIS)

The implementation of the National Health Insurance Scheme had been greatly malpracticed in Ratnagiri district. Women federation across 4 blocks of Ratnagiri district had taken up this issue for advocacy. The consistent and prolonged follow up by federation leaders enforced the re-execution of scheme in the district.


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Revolving Fund - Marching Towards Economic Security

When we talk about taking efforts for livelihood enhancement of marginalized community through their direct participation in development processes, it becomes essential to secure their present livelihood so that they can have a space to get involved in the activities of livelihood enhancement. One of the options is provision of revolving funds for the basic livelihood requirements. Here is an example of Sumitra Juvale, a lady from fisher family who used revolving fund to makes her way to economic security easier.

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Bringing Technology to Grssroots - Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Unit

Parivartan has undertaken an "Advance Knowledge and RUral Technology Implementation" (AKRUTI) program for techno economic growth of rural areas. Under this program Parivartan has successfully deployed Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology in a hamlet (located in a coastal region), facing acute potable water scarcity due to water salinity problem during summer. Implementation of RO technology has not only sufficed community requirement of potable water but also have prevented the potential migration.

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