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Parivartan, since decade and a half is active for social transformation, wherein the marginalized sections of community are socially, economically and politically empowered to lead life of security, dignity, and prosperity. Parivartan is working for strengthening people organizations to voice struggles for fundamental human rights and bringing forward participatory development models for economic as well as social development. Parivartan works intensively with women on its belief in the philosophy that sustainable development remains incomplete without dynamic participation of the women.

Deliberations for voicing industrial project affected community, struggle for establishment of their fundamental rights and strengthened cohesive federations for enhancing scope for women leadership to initiate and monitor equitable development process at village, block & district level are some of the key advocacy executions by Parivartan.

Parivartan believes, 'While part of our nation lives in the late 20th century, another part is still living in the medieval age and no nation can progress much beyond the national average'. To get more science & technology effort channelized to developing the under-developed regions and sections of society, Parivartan is extending scientific methodology through education to all sections of society, in a way so that it is absorbed into the culture. This is being done through Advanced Knowledge and Rural Technology Implementation (AKRUTI) project partnering with B.A.R.C., a premier multidisciplinary R&D organization under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India and Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (R.G.S.&T.C.). AKRUTI center of Parivartan is a steering model bringing forward the guiding principle - 'What is the prerequisite of comprehensive rural development! And how to attain this goal!'.

Community livelihood manifestos highlighting needs and demands across all sections of the community with special attention to underprivileged communities, is an innovative model developed by Parivartan. This model has brought the just demands on the agendas of Panchayats and countered the village governance for transparency and responsibility. It's been a good sign for stepping ahead with values of justice, freedom and equality. Model plan for Natural Risk Reduction and Mitigation for villages in Ratnagiri district has been recognized as good option for bottom up planning & implementation to face the challenges resulted from global warming and climate change.

Prolonged hand holding support to the target community through awareness and capacity building has resulted into strengthened people organizations in terms of information, knowledge and leadership.

Presently the organization is active in five blocks (Khed, Mandangad, Guhaghar, Chiplun and Dapoli) of the Ratnagiri district. Parivartan recognizes that the People Organizations, Partner Institutes & sympathizers have enriched its learning and guided for mainstreaming justice and equality!