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Advance Knowledge & RUral Technology Implementation (AKRUTI)

Partner Institutes

B.A.R.C.- a premier multidisciplinary R&D organization under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India and Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (RGS&TC), Maharashtra. (This project has been initiated in the year 2007)


To set up rural based technology centers (AKRUTI) in the village itself, in-housed with the farm and non-farm technologies useful to rural areas including modern technologies, providing access to all villagers including all nearby villages.

Geographical Coverage

Ratnagiri district

Project Description

The purpose of this program is to enable and empower villages with Eco-sustainable Science & Technology based work plan for Techno-economic growth.

The program aims to create structured and scalable network of rural based technology centers providing access to modern technology to nearby villages. It's implementation will be done through a proposed functional unit called AKRUTI, which is an acronym for "Advance Knowledge and RUral Technology Implementation" initiative and which would be equipped with utilities needed by villagers, technology, demonstration units and field staff. These technologies will be taken to different villages around the AKRUTI via working centers spread in different villages attached to AKRUTI. These working centers are called KRUTI KENDRA viz. KRUTIK (Knowledge and RUral Technology Implementation Kendra) in fields. KRUTIK will work with villagers and farmers' group, known as FORCE (Farmers' Organization for Rural Creative Entrepreneurship). Each FORCE group will be made familiar with technologies in-housed in AKRUTI through KRUTIK.